Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Is my high schools resume enough?

So my brother works for Carlo Pazzolini, a high end fashion boutique, where only the best of the best are asked to work. (Yeah idunno how he made it there either, lol.)

Today he reminded me that I needed to email him my resume so that he could try and get me a job for the summer. Now, I'm aware of my qualities, and so are the people at capital one, but how do I get that accross to fashion forward people who don't know who I am ? Im not fashion forward people, I just like to be comfortable. Im not sure a retail job is right for me, but then again, its worth a try, right?

As I'm rewriting my resume, I'm thinking to myself "What if these people dont care about how much I did in highschool? What if they dont hire me because I'm a highschool grad who's only prior experience is a very leniant internship with Capital One? Or what if I just dont have 'the look' that everyone is always talking about?" There are so many things that come to my head, but then I think "the worst that could happen is that they say no, so I'll just apply for another job, right?"

Truth be told, I'm not sure what kind of job is right for me because I dont have much experience. The only motto I know is 'Service with a smile!' and it makes me sound like I work a McDonald's. So I'm not sure what I'm going to do, and if i get an interview what I'm going to wear. Ugh I pray to God that everything works out for the best.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5/14 Make up - PB - My Baby Leroy

A couple months ago, my now ex-boyfriend Deshawn (aka the college guy lol) randomly came home with this really weird bag that had something fuzzy in it. I was so curious to find out what was in the bag, so I begged him to tell me for like 45 minutes; of course, he didn't.

So anyway, in the bag, there was this teddy bear that was just SOOOOO CUTE ! I literally jumped on the bed with so much happiness because he was just so perfect. It was like seeing a new born baby that wouldnt die if I hugged it really tight. Deshawn was obviously very proud of hiself for making me happy with a bear that I didnt even ask for, but thats besides the point.

As I analyzed the bear, I fell more and more in love with it. So then I decided to name him Leroy. According to Deshawn, Leroy is a very Jamaican name (he's Jamaican) and he kept asking if I was sure I wanted to keep that name. I repeatedly assured him that I didnt care where he thought the name originated from, it was the name I gave him and I thought it was perfect, just like him. 

To this day, I sleep with Leroy every night, and he goes absolutely everywhere with me (if I know that I'm sleeping over). No matter where I stay, Leroy is right under my arm keeping me safe from all the goblins and night crawlers. ( I'm a really big punk) Leroy is my baby, and he means the world to me. I just hope my roommate in college doesnt think I'm weird for not being able to sleep without a teddy bear. Im not willing to break this habit.

Sunday, May 4, 2014


See that title, yeah I just made it up lol.

So today is Sunday the 4th of May, the day my mother and I decided to go attempt to find a prom dress. It was an okay day, being that my mother and I argued, laughed, agreed, disagreed, and most of all, burned some calories.

I am a VERY picky person when it comes to things that are important to me. If something means a lot to me I refuse to settle for less. Usually, I can conform to finding something that I will be content with and won't cause me any discomfort. For example, when I used to go shopping, I'd spend hours upon hours looking for things that I absolutely loved, and if I didn't love it I wouldn't buy it. As I got older, I realized that my taste and style is actually very different from other girls. There are some girls who are happy wearing skirts, and others who like to wear sweats; me, I like to wear boy sweaters with jeans and Vans/Toms. (Yes that is exactly what I wore today, a sweater intended for boys that I got at H&M on the sale rack [I'll post a picture of my sweater] , dark blue slim fit jeans, and toms) So finding things to wear became easier for me, since I knew no one else would wear it, and I knew I'd be comfortable.

I digressed.

I used to want my prom dress to be jaw-dropping, drop dead gorgeous. I wanted to win best dressed at prom, and I wanted all eyes on me. But then today, I realized something: I was ready to pay $500 for a dress I was only going to wear once, for what? So that people can tell me how beautiful I look or an hour? Or so that I can have everyone staring at me for 10 minutes? No, that's unnecessary; I know I'm going to look beautiful, and the only person who needs to be staring at me is my date. (ex boyfriend, YES HE HAS TO, SO HE CAN REMEMBER WHAT HE'S MISSING OUT ON!)

Bottom line is, there's no need for a $500 dress, when a $150- $200 dress will look just as beautiful on me. I don't need to win best dressed, being that it's a title I'm only going to hold for one night. I want to go to prom, take pictures, and have fun with my girls. Not have a dress that I'm afraid to move around in because I paid so much for it. Besides, it's one night and I don't want to miss out on enjoying it to the fullest because of a dress.

And my feet HURT ! OMG

[I love this sweater]

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I guess another FC

I'm not completely sure if I did a blog for this week. So here's an extra one. Just in case.

So I'm sitting here. Hot as all hell. Rewriting this essay, right? Then. I lose it. I just lost the whole thing. I was typing, then BAM! Essay gone. Like what the fudge cake, man ?!  Ugh I'm so annoyed. Just so very annoyed. I have to rewrite my new essay. But I'm so sleepy and I have the worst cramps.
So. This is my life. Let's pray I either wake up early tomorrow or get to school on time. Cus my grades NEEEEEED to stay up. 🙅👋👋 night world.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

March 19 blog makeup


FC - I finally made a decision..

So If you know me, you know that I have been SOOOOO indecisive about what college Im choosing. But thankfully, with the will of Jesus and God and all the holy spirits. I FINALLY made a decision. I sent my deposit in, Im ready to attend, The SUNY College At Old Westbury. I visited the school over spring break, and I really liked it, even though it was raining really bad on the day I went. I enjoyed the campus, I felt really comfortable walking through the hals and sitting in the classrooms. So it made me happy to say that I finally was choosing a place. I finally regained stability in my life. I mean, im not 10000% happy because i was hoping to get away from all things and people from TMA, but I'm not complaining. Its a big campus, and hopefully I can find myself and flourish the way that I never could in such a small environment. I already started buying things for college, and just the thought of it makes me happy. Living on campus and doing everything the way I want to do it, not how my mom wants her house, or the school's policy says I need to dress. NO MORE UNIFORM. even though i never really wore the uniform anyway (shhhhhhh !) I'm off to college in 3 months, and I couldnt be any happier .

Sunday, April 6, 2014


So theres this book, The Taming of the Shrew, and it's by far the weirdest and one of the most confusing books I've ever read.
So theres Kat, and shes crazy so no man wants to marry her. (We actually never find out why shes crazy) Kat has a younger sister, Bianca, whos kinda irrelevant in this story but for some reason shes a main character. Anyways, this guy wants bianca, but she can't get married until Kat does so first. (Dont ask my why, idunno) So the dude (i forgot his name) that wants Bianca gets some rich a hole to marry Kat, and tells him that he can take all her money once they are married. So Petruchio marries Kat, treats her like dirt, gets the money, blah blah. But all the while the guy that wants Bianca is pretending to be a tutor in order to spend more time with her. Which didnt make any sense to me at all because for all that he coulda just asked her father if he could take her out on a date or something. I guess times were REALLY different back then.

So as the book goes on, a bunch of stuff happens that I should probably go back and review because I'm going to have to write an essay about it :( . And at the end theres this scene where the guys are betting to see which one of their women serves them best. Everyone thought Kat was gonna have a fit, which she did, but for a completely different reason. She was md at the other two women for not wanting to serve their men because that was the way things were supposed to work. (no sweetie, im sorry) I was so mad at Kat at that point because she was such a strong woman. shame shame..