Sunday, September 29, 2013


"Come, these are the tales of The Cool,
Guaranteed to go a make you fail from your school,
and seek unholy grails like a fool...
Fast talkin' on the hustle;
No Heaven up above you,
No Hell underneath ye,
and no one will receive thee;
So shed no tear, when we're not here;
and keep your Faith, as we chase The COOL."

Self Selected response, huh ?
Lets see if I can do this without seeming 'extra' as they say.

These are the lyrics to one my favorite songs, titled "The Coolest" by Lupe Fiasco. The whole song is about a dead man, (you'd have to hear it's entrance song, "The Cool" to fully understand) who is in fact, the coolest 'nigga' as stated over and over again in the song (I'm not just saying the word). This man lived his life as a drug dealer, or a hard worker in his eyes; and just wanted to be on top of the game. He remains unnamed but Lupe describes his situation more that perfectly. (If you listen to the song, I suggest reading the lyrics while you do) In reality the man was working towards what was the hood view of success. Yes, he was a street pharmacist, but he was also so smart it was scary. The Coolest, as he will be called, was living his life to support his daughter, and his woman, who he loved an adored more than life its self. He was on his way to the top of the ladder, and wasn't afraid to kill. However, this man was far from cold hearted. He knew there was a God, he knew that he head to repent for his sins, but with his life taken too soon, it became too late. Being that he wasn't bad enough for Hell, or good enough for Heaven, he became stuck. He was stuck here with us, remaining unseen to those who knew, and unimportant to those who didn't, is his song, he asked for forgiveness. repeatedly singing: "Lord please have sympathy, and forgive my cool young history as The Coolest Nigga..." He was aware of his mistakes and knew that he was to stay here until he could have proven his worth. I don't think it ever happened though. He learned that crying wouldn't help, because he no longer could. Watching over his lover and daughter, he reminded them to keep their faith, they were also in the race. Chasing the Cool. They would make it someday.


  1. I really love how you broke down this song. You did such a good job breaking it down that I understood what was going on without ever listening to the song. You convince me to listen to the song and as I write this comment I am listening to this wonderful piece of art. I really like how you explained specifics of the song and then added quotations from the song to support it.

  2. Interesting text. What do you think he meant by "chasing the cool?" You specifically used the "n" word, and explained that it came from the text. I'm interested to know if you think it is artistic to use that word, or if it is vulgar and demeaning.

    SSR wasn't actually an option for the month of September. Please read page through the blogging assignment to make sure you understand the expectations. Also, make sure you title you blog posts.