Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CRR - Apocolypse Now

In class, we watched the Heart of Darkness Movie adaptation called Apocalypse Now, that took place during the Vietnam war. From what I understood, the movie was about an army captain who was just hearing about an issue that had to do with Kernel Kurtz. Kurtz was an assassin of assassins (.. Que ?). He was supposedly killing off the people who were assassinating someone else. I DON'T KNOW. What I do know is that I really really really REALLY hope the actual book isn't as weirdly confusing as the adapted movie was. I think I was lost partially because I wasn't paying full attention in order to get all the details.

Reading the blurb on the book, I figure that it will be an interesting read, however not as interesting as I am used to. The sentence that really caught my attention was "But Mr. Kurtz has 'taken a high seat among the Devils of the land...'" This sentence caught my eye because I think it will be very interesting to know what they mean by the high seat. I also want to know who the Devils of the land are.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


"I am the hell and the highwater." -Eli Pope

Theres a show on ABC network that i am very passionate about. Scandal. Olivia Pope is a 'fixer' who worked for the white house for current president, Fitzgerald Grant. Pope and Grant were sleeping together during the election campaign and also during the first year of his term as president. Olivia was head of communications and has a law degree. Her father is the Command of an agency called B-613, which is like the CIA, but on American soil. They have a group of people who are specially trained to kill people, and like it. But its completely legal because they do it 'for the protection of the greater good.' B-613 is a secret agency that Olivia and her associates (team of fixers) only know about because someone on the team used to be one of those assasins. Huk is a trained killer and hacker who was part of b-613, but was cut off because he had a wife and child. He ended up being homeless, and living in the Metro station in DC, where Olivia found and befriended him. She found out about his skills one day when he saved her from getting mugged, and then she asked what else he could do. She found out that he had the ability to get into any  encrypted file anywhere at anytime and she used him to help President Grant with his campaign. Huk did his job so pheonominally well, she moved him into her place, and gave him a job at her 'firm.'

Olivia and her team make it so that the most powerful people in Washington, D.C., keep their squeaky clean reputations. They go against the police and get favors directly from the White House to bypass all securities. When Pope's name was released to the public as the President's mistress, her father became her fixer and was going to send her away. He told her she could go either route she wanted to, to handle the situation. He also said he is the hell and the highwater, either way this would get handled.

I watch Scandal every Thursday, like its my religion.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

free choice

So tomorrow morning I have a flight at 8 am to the Dominican Republic. Honestly I'm not really excited to go.  I'm going to my cousin's wedding, and I'm not a fan of that side of my family. They're really holy people. They're Catholics who seem to look down upon those who don't practice a religion. My father's family is Catholic, while my mother's family is Pentecostal. For this reason, in my household, we do not practice religion because it was always inconsistent and caused controversy. Anyway, my father's side of my family is very judgemental. They don't seem to understand that everyone goes through all types of issues and has negative moments. It would be wrong to assume, but I personally think that they look down upon myself and my younger brother because we have different ways of living. We don't go to Church, technology runs everything around us and our parents work a lot, so we sorta had a huge hand in being raised, because we have been making our own decisions for quite some time. So I'm not completely sure how this weekend is going to turn out, I just hope I can actually get along with everyone. I am actually very prepared to just work all weekend, that's really what I am determined to do.

oct 2