Wednesday, October 9, 2013

free choice

So tomorrow morning I have a flight at 8 am to the Dominican Republic. Honestly I'm not really excited to go.  I'm going to my cousin's wedding, and I'm not a fan of that side of my family. They're really holy people. They're Catholics who seem to look down upon those who don't practice a religion. My father's family is Catholic, while my mother's family is Pentecostal. For this reason, in my household, we do not practice religion because it was always inconsistent and caused controversy. Anyway, my father's side of my family is very judgemental. They don't seem to understand that everyone goes through all types of issues and has negative moments. It would be wrong to assume, but I personally think that they look down upon myself and my younger brother because we have different ways of living. We don't go to Church, technology runs everything around us and our parents work a lot, so we sorta had a huge hand in being raised, because we have been making our own decisions for quite some time. So I'm not completely sure how this weekend is going to turn out, I just hope I can actually get along with everyone. I am actually very prepared to just work all weekend, that's really what I am determined to do.

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  1. I understand your frustrations. I think a lot of families deal with these issues as people marry in or others decide to change faiths. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy the wedding!