Wednesday, January 22, 2014

ID - Pre Calulus

I take Pre Calc with Ms. Rios and the Honors class. Initially, I wasn't supposed to be in the class due to my performance in 10th grade. I brought my grades back up last year when I did my absolute best in most of my classes. Some teachers I just didnt get along with. Anyway,  this year I made it into Pre Calc, and being that I didnt take Honors Trig last year, I had the absolute hardest time trying to keep up. At first i thought i was dumb, but then i realized that I just wasnt trying hard enough. I was expecting it to come easily to me, the way trig did last year. So when the end of the semester came rolling around, I was terrfied. I thought i was going to fail that midterm, so i studied as much as i could and just hoped for the best. When i saw my score, I did a little dance because i was so proud of myself. I got a 90, and i know thats not passing with flying colors, but i can say my colors were floating, or gliding even.

Pre Calc is hard, no questions asked. But I'm ready for the second semester. I'm also ready for the math im going to take in college. Ms. Rios is a great teacher, and something she told me will stick with me for the rest of my education career, "If they try to throw you in a math class lower than your level, dont take the easy way out, you change that class, cus you're smarter than that and you shouldn't deal with that crap!"

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

CRR - Watership Down

So in my government class with Ms. Horne, we watched a movie about rabbits called Watership Down. It was about a bunch of rabbits who were looking for a home. Seems simple right ? Uh, NO. That was the most complicated movie I have ever watched. Half the time I had no idea about what was going on. The events in the movie were occurring so quickly that we had to watch the movie about 3 times to understand bits and pieces of it. Yes, 3 times.

We were then assigned a project to do. We had to create a leadership book about the movie. Basically we had to answer questions given to us, and make a book out of them. That task is actually harder than it sounds. Even though I saw the movie 3 times, I still found myself researching answers to the questions. I had no clue half of those things even happened in the movie. Anyway, that wasn't the hardest part. It was actually illustrating the book. I tried to get every detail right and I'm no artist, so that was super difficult for me. And then we have to color it too ! I haven't had this much work to do since I started senior year. My college applications were simpler than this project. Thankfully, I'm almost done, all I have left to do is color my drawings. and paste the last two answers into the book. Unfortunately, I don't have a printer or color pencils at home. If I don't get this in by 4th period on Tuesday, I'm screwed. Anyway. I'm working on it.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Choice -

I have no idea what to write. Im on the phone with my sister, and she's telling me about her home situations and how she's unhappy. Its crazy to think of how many issues people can have without anyone knowing about it. No two poeple can be compared because no two poeple come from the same walks of life.  I know i cant fix anyone else's problems, i cant shelter all the homeless, i cant feed all the hungry. 

but i need to fix my own issues, and right now, that issue is my confidence. I know im not the best looking person in the world, and no, i dont need anyone telling me that im Princess Diana, but I wish I had the confidence she did.