Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Free Choice -

I have no idea what to write. Im on the phone with my sister, and she's telling me about her home situations and how she's unhappy. Its crazy to think of how many issues people can have without anyone knowing about it. No two poeple can be compared because no two poeple come from the same walks of life.  I know i cant fix anyone else's problems, i cant shelter all the homeless, i cant feed all the hungry. 

but i need to fix my own issues, and right now, that issue is my confidence. I know im not the best looking person in the world, and no, i dont need anyone telling me that im Princess Diana, but I wish I had the confidence she did. 

1 comment:

  1. Do you think boys spend so much time worrying about their attractiveness? Do you think an ugly person can't end up in a loving relationship, with a good job, and enough money? I think even more than trying to feel better about your looks, it is worthwhile to consider if your priorities are in the right place.