Sunday, December 1, 2013

Murder By Numbers ( ID Nov. 20 make up)

In Forensics class, with Ms. Bartoli, we are watching a movie called "Murder by Numbers" starring Ryan Gosling, Sandra Bullock, and a bunch of other actors whose names I did not wish to learn.
Anyway, Bullock's character is a detective who has issues within herself. She likes to hurt people emotionally and feels no remorse. Gosling's character is a highschool student who murdered two people because he's rich, bored, and thinks he wont get away with it.

I havent finished watching the movie, but it's really interesting because it has all these facts about forensic science that are actually true. None of this stuff is made up, and it makes it a lot easier to learn. The movie is very interesting because there are so many underlying issues, and its not just a basic concept. There are about 3 different issues going on within the movie and they all tie together at the end.
After learning a few things in the class, I find myself analyzing situations differently and seeing details in things that I wouldn't have seen before. Forensics has become my favorite class.

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