Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Passion Blog

     So, I'm pretty sure many people have heard of the website called Tumblr. (yes the '.' is included in the name.) A lot of people have no idea really of what it is. Tumblr is a website in which there are many different types of blogs, such as hipster blogs, fashion blogs, love blogs, depression blogs, sex blogs, food blogs, book blogs, music blogs, fandom blogs, anon blogs, technology blogs, gif blogs... the list goes on and on and on ( believe me !) My favorite blogs, however, are those blogs that resemble my own blog - Everything blogs.

     Everything blogs are the kind of blogs that are created when a person is on tumblr simply to express themselves, and find an outlet for the things in their lives that are stressing them out. They also can be used as a procrastination tool/ time consumer. But most of us everything bloggers, we blog for these reasons and more. We blog because it's what we love to do, and we find peace in scrolling down a blue screen with all types of pictures and gifs on them. Tumblr is not a place for those people who are looking to find the meaning of it, or who get freaked out easily. Tumblr is a place for the people who need to take a step back from their own lives, and dont mind wandering into the worlds of others who just might be doing the same thing.

      I personally am one of the people who would spend hours upon hours on the internet, mindlessly scrolling through photos, trying to get away from the world. My blog consists of things like love quotes, hipster pictures, fashion, lyrics from songs, landscape photos, naked people, stress relievers (my rants and raves, people love them ) and a whole variety of other things. As I said before, to enter the world of Tumblr., you must have an open mind, and be open to seeing all types of things. You never know when you'll see a vagina on your dashboard.

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  1. Given that I am having you guys write blogs, it might not shock you that I also love blogs. I never really tried tumblr seriously. I use bloglovin. My favorite blogging site is probably I also read tons of knitting blogs and foodie blogs.