Wednesday, March 5, 2014


The last two weeks have been far from easy for me. I have been under so much stress due to ALL these class assignments we have been given. In English, its hard as hell to understand this stupid book, and then being in the honors class makes it worse, because its filled with a bunch of judgemental ballsacks that look at you like you have three heads if you dont understand something. Imagine how it is in math. I worked REALLY hard to get into the honors class this year and I feel like a fish out of water when theres new material. People automatically assume I'm smart (Or so I've been told) and I just look at them and think can I just be average? The answser is HELL NO. Colleges dont want average, they want outstanding. I spend every waking moment of my free time trying to get things done for these two classes and college.

I miss one day a week of english. Thats a blessing because i dont have to think  at work, I can just count; it is a stressor because sometimes the material that she gives is REALLY complicated. like the last grammar rule, 13; I asked for help twice and the teacher looked at me like i was crazy. I got sooo mad. I dont understand it, what the hell do you want me to do?! Ive found myself having to google the homework because she doesnt explain it thoroughly enough, and for those of us who miss class, yes we have the responsibility, but having that stupid little paper that says "Not ____, but ____" DOES NOT FREAKING HELP !

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  1. You're not crazy for needing help, but you are crazy for asking for help in class and/or after the assignment is due. If you want help, come after school on Wednesdays or Thursdays so I can help you before the assignment is due!